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          塑料擠塑加工、押出加工、擠出加工、塑料型材加工、塑料管材加工、塑料棒材加工塑料擠型配件加工、塑料燈飾燈罩擠出加工,PVC異型材/管材,ABS異型材管材,PMMA異型材管材LED燈罩,HIPS(475) 異型材管材,PP異型材管材LED燈罩,PE異型材管材,PC異型材管材,擠塑型材PVC冷擠加工,PVC冷頂加工,PVC高亮擠出等加工,朋友你有需要嗎?請找我!我司專業擠塑(押出)加工,我是銷售負責人袁國輝先生,誠邀合作,共謀發展!公司是一臺資企業,創辦于1993年,專業生產各種塑料異型擠(押)出制品,公司總廠規模15000平方,廠房地皮公司購地自建,員工200多名,有近40多條臺灣擠出生產線,公司在東莞有華通塑膠五金加工廠和大昌塑膠五金加工廠,同時在北京和上海也有分工廠。
              大昌塑料擠出工廠主要經營建筑建材塑料擠出膠條,家具封邊條,塑膠玩具擠出制品,童車塑膠制品,體育器械塑膠,電子及五金電器塑膠擠出條,文具文體塑膠擠出條等幾十類別上千種塑膠異型材的擠出加工制品,塑料包括PVCPPPEPSABSPOMPMMAPMMA磨砂、PMMA廣擴散、PCPC磨砂、PC光擴散、TPETPRTPVTPUEPDM,等等其中PC,PMMA多用于LED燈管燈罩主要規格有常規的T5 T8 T10 不常規的可以來圖來樣訂做。



          Established in 1994,U-Win Industrial Development Co. is a leading factory specializing in manufacture of kinds of plastic extruded products. In Dongguan we have Dachang Plastic Hardware Processing Factory and Huatong Plastic Hardware Processing Factory.n big city such as Beijing and Shanghai, we also have our own factory.n big city such as Beijing and Shanghai, we also have our own factory.

          Our products are made from engineering plastic, which including PVC, PP, PMMA(acrylic), PC(polycarbonate), PS,HIPS, LDPE, HDPE, ABS, TPU, TPR, POM, Nylon etc.

          Our main products include: Supermarket Display Products, Lighting Decorative Profile, Furniture Decorative Profile, Building Material Profile, Plastic Rolling Shutters, Stationery Plastic Profile, Automobile Plastic Profile, Electrical Appliance Plastic Profile, Plastic Pipe, Board, Bar and Co-extrusion Products etc By providing in-house extrusion tooling, we can maintain quality and save your time and money. We'll even warranty our extrusion tooling for the life of your product.

          Now there are more than 400 employees and 56 extrusion lines in our factory. We are glad to announce that our company has passed international attestation and our products have many certificates, such as ISO9001:2000 certificate. Due to good quality, favorable price, and prompt delivery, our products are enjoying trusts, welcomed by customers from all over the world. Now our products have been successfully exported to many country and regions, such as Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America.

          We sincerely welcome people and telephone calls from at home and abroad to survey and conduct business talk with us. We hope our products and service can meet your satisfaction. Contact us now.

          Process Capabilities:

          In-Line operations are a key feature provided by U-Win.We have combined years of practical experience backed by technical knowledge to create streamlined solutions for you - our customer.Your ideas will take shape with our diverse manufacturing capabilities and services.These capabilities include:

          In-Line & Off-Line Punching;In-Line Wood Graining Routing & Notching; In-Line Texturizing; Specialized Packaging & Labeling; In-Line Taping; Assembly; Sawing; Dual Colour Extrusions; Dual Durometer Extrusions 

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          聯 系  人:
          袁國輝 先生 
          電      話:
          86 0769 87880750
          傳      真:
          86 0769 87880752
          地      址:
          中國 廣東 東莞市 塘廈鎮蛟乙塘工業區
          郵      編:


          關于我們 | 聯系我們 | 加盟合作 | 友情鏈接 | 服務條款 | 誠信檔案
          公司網址:www.q1929.com傳真號碼:0769-87880750聯系電話:0769-87880752  粵ICP備14052046號  http://www.miitbeian.gov.cn